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The Corporate Headquaters is located in Lagos, the seat of Management. We have offices in every state Capital of the Federation. including the Federal Capital, Abuja.
In the following states which are considered "Volume States" in terms of packages going there. We also have satellite offices in PORT-HARCOURT, ABUJA, ABA, CALABAR, ENUGU, KANO, ONITSHA

There is direct telephone communication with every State Capital offices and each of which also have VHF communication sets direct to Lagos Headquarters. All our dispatch riders in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt also have Walkie-Talkies to link them with their various commands. Communication has improved tremendously with the advent of Global Satelite Mobile Services. Daily returns are made of POD's through Emails to the Headquaters. Original copies of POD's go to the offices where such letters originate from. At the moment we are responsible for 25% of letters criss-crossing the lenght of the country by volume. This figure is rising progressively as we match efficiency with cost.

CML has unique organizational structure tailored to the size and complexity of Nigeria. With our offices located nationwide, all manned by highly trained and well-experienced courirer professionals, effectiveness monitoring and delivery to all locations in Nigeria is assured,

CML delivers peace of mind removes stress and strains from our customers. All shipments are monitored from points of pickup to points of delivery using our telephones, computer network and INTERNET track and trace system located in all our stations nationwide.

We provide goods-in-transit insurance on our shipment up to a certain limit.

CML Management team is made up of well-blended professionals who combine integrity and discipline with hard work, efficiency and effectiveness. The company is staffed with experienced resource persons in all facets of its operations.

We run ferry services within Lagos inland waterways. We also provide charter services to people that want to go sightseeing, organise parties and cruises on-board.


56, Campbell Street, Lagos P.O.Box 50480, Ikoyi Lagos. T: +234-1-2632268, F: +234-1-2636983. E-mail: